About Us

The Health Zone team has worked in the health supplement and fitness industry for many years and we have become frustrated by the lack of impartial advice available online. Most products are promoted because the company that owns them has paid a fee for the publicity. We seek to adopt a different approach. We actually seek out services and product that are worth recommending either because they are highly effective, ground-breaking or just offer outstanding customer service. Over the coming months, we hope to publish a number of articles about new and existing products and services available in the UK that fit with our criteria.  If you have come across a product or service that is truly oustanding then please feel free to contact us. We will sample the product for ourselves and if we feel that it worthy of a recommendation then we will write about it.

We also have an affiliation with a two London-based GPs who will write about medical matters outside the scope of the main team, whose background is focussed on health and fitness. Our affiliated GPs will be writing about new developments in the medical world that fit with the overall theme of this website.